Annual Events


In Telangana Shri Ammavari jathara has become very popular.

1.Ghatothsavam :

In the month of Ashada on first Sunday this celebration will begin. At the Karbala Maidan Ghatam is decorated with flowers etc and then brought in a procession with music and band in the manner of  “Vampuja” for the goddess similar to a bridegroom’s procession. This is called “Yedorkolupu”. On reaching, the Ghatam is kept in the temple.
From the next day onwards, the Ghatam goes to every house, dwelling of each basti/street for fifteen days with a small procession with music and mangal vadyam.

2.Kolupu Potharaju Bali :

Kolupu takes place on completion of 15 days. This is conducted on Sunday. In olden days “animal sacrifice” was made as a custom for goddess. At one stroke the of the buffalo was cut and fell down. This separated head was kept on the head of a person and went round the temple scattering the bali samagri dancing, jumping, displaying the skill of a potharaju. The entire site was very beautiful to look at when making rounds of the temple. But recently since, 25 years the “animal sacrifice” is prohibited, in its place “Kushmanda Bali” (Gummadikaya Bali) is being done as per the traditional procedure. As per the greatness of goddess “animal sacrifice was done in unlimited number and blood flowed down in various directions. The same night rain would fall and the entire area spread with blood is washed away and the premises got cleaned. (Even today on the day of Jatara rain falls).

3.Rangam :

Rangam is worth witnessing during the period of Ammavari Jatara. Inside the temple in front of the goddess an unmarried woman stand on a unburnt pot looking at the idol with utmost devotion and prayers. The mother goddess immediately responds and pronounce the good events going to take place in the coming year. Thousands of devotees gather near the temple and hear the Rangam with apt attention.

4.Saganamputa(Farewell) :

On Monday the Ghatam is bid farewell with great pomp and show in a procession. At Mettuguda the decoration of the Ghatam is taken away. People who join the Jatara experience in their as a memorable event for ever.


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